Friday, April 07, 2017

The Knight's Map by R.C. Sproul

From Amazon:
This new and forthcoming title from R.C. Sproul offers a captivating story for young minds to grasp the importance of biblical inerrancy. Parents and children follow a young knight who loses his way, but discovers a map that points him to the right path. Features stunning illustrations, a special section for families to interact and discuss the content, as well as helpful Bible memory verses. Releases February 2016.

This book did indeed release early this year, and I saw the word spread through social media regarding its publication and release. While I don't regularly read much children's literature, the lack of solid teaching for young minds has been noticed among the budding authors and publishers. I have seen stories and books for children increase over the last several years, and I'm excited to see where it all leads. 

When I saw R.C. Sproul offering this as a gift for any ministry support, I decided to review it to spread the word around. The lettering and bold, yet elegant, cover caught my attention. The book tells the story of Sir Charles and his question to find the Pearl of Great Price. The Great King provides Sir Charles with a map to guide his way, and as long as he sticks to the map, he finds things as the Great King says. However, there are many distractions and obstacles along the way and he nearly forsakes his quest. 

The language is simple yet well-written and easy for a child to understand. Throughout the story there are stories within stories, which I suppose could be confusing for younger minds, but not a big concern. The focus of the story points to Jesus and to the inerrancy of the Scriptures and the leading of the Spirit. The illustrations are amazing. I loved them--they are real, yet capture the essence and words accurately. Children will enjoy this feature greatly. I'd be pleased to offer this book to any young child, knowing that they and their parents and family would also benefit from it. Included in the back are questions for further discussion, along with supporting Scripture passages. May this book bless all its young hearers. 

If you want to find the Pearl of Great Price, 
and you want to get safely to the top of the mountain, 
you must trust the map the Great King gave you.

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